In a nutshell . . .

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Hello! Now that I’ve introduced the project and my inspiration, maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Jamie Howell. I am an art teacher, artist, mom, UT football fan (originally from east TN) and enthusiastic lover nature, Starbucks and this crazy thing called life. I’m certainly no one special, never considered a community leader or radical but I have an idea that could possibly be “something”, but only with your help. I’m inviting anyone who has lost a beloved woman to cancer to participate in a community arts project where participants creatively transform a purse into a memorial art form. All of our voices together can create a new conversation around the topic of cancer and bring awareness to the lasting impact of just one woman lost to cancer. We can transform the story of cancer beyond the suffering and loss and into a beautiful legacy of how women shape our families, community and world. Please be patient with me, I’m not a clever or witty blogger or a social media guru, but I do know about losing my grandmother to cancer and I have seen some healing come from art making as an art teacher and artist. This project is a platform for your story to become part of OUR story of beautiful, powerful women who were truly alive and continue to influence this world through their abiding legacy.

Next blog post:some Q&A on getting started with your purse.


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