View Completed Purses


View the purses completed for The Purses Project

  1. Click the yellow purse to the right of this page titled View Completed Purses
  2. Click here Completed Purses
  3. Click the photo box below

Each purse is lovingly created by the friends, family or loved ones of women lost to cancer. The Purses Project aims to honor women lost to cancer by creatively celebrating the impact of the feminine individual through the unique life story of women while also giving voice to grief.
The future goal of the Purses Project is to seek a gallery space to showcase the finished purses and to establish a lasting memorial dedicated to women lost to cancer. Together, we can start new discussions and change for cancers affecting women.
WE NEED PURSES–The Purses Project is a community art project and all are welcome! Please JOIN the project by creating a purse to honor a woman you’ve lost to cancer, share your purse with the project and then spread the word about our project!



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